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True Train
Gillie Nicholls ‘True Train’ PRESS RELEASE. 21/08/2010 Vital Signs 02 www.myspace/gillienicholls
Musicians: Gillie Nicholls: Vocals/acoustic guitar/electric guitar/bouzouki/composition. Tim Harries: Bass/pipe organ/synth/production. Charlie Beresford: Production/ engineer/acoustic and electric guitar. Joel Harries: Mandolin. Genre categories: Singer songwriter,
Acoustic Track Listing: 1.Bring Me the Sun. 2.Weakness. 3.Dreamline. 4.Birds Fly. 5.Corner of a Line. 6.Oo Ee Oo Ee Oo Ee Oo. 7.The Trees Blow. 8.Unopen. 9.Dancing With the Hare. 10. True Train. The 10 track CD
True Train is a delicate, gripping and poetic insight into the life of a  midlands songwriter; -a fiercely strong minded poet who balances the borderline of passion and philosophy. This conceptual album portrays a compelling journey through attraction and desire; from illusion to lucid dream. The collaborative work of Gillie Nicholls and Tim Harries, the concept if felt through sparse, atmospheric accompaniment ; -eighteenth century pipe organ, electric bass, acoustic guitar, bouzouki, electric guitar, whilst mandolin haunts beautifully, several of the tracks; -an approach that recognises the heart of the matter and pares away all else.
Gillie Nicholls: For the last 20 years singer, guitarist, and songwriter Gillie Nicholls has been performing and recording her own songs. She released her first solo album, Spirit Talk, prior to joining the Albion Band where she co- wrote and recorded with Ashley Hutchings. After leaving the Albion Band to pursue a solo career she released her second album Vital Signs working with Neil Simpson, Steve Rodford, Andrew Cleyendert, and John Etheridge. The song 'Free' from this album was taken up and used by the Body Shop and Gillie’s recording of her 'Song for Sonia', written about Rajiv Gandhi was acclaimed by his wife Sonia Gandhi for whom it was written.
Tim Harries has worked in just about every field from Folk to Free Jazz. This dark toned bass player has worked with acts as diverse as Brian Eno and David Byrne, Katie Melua, David Holmes, Duke Special, Steeleye Span, and Hofesh Schecter (Israeli choreographer whose credits include working on TV show Skins). Tim Harries and Charlie Beresford met whilst working on June Tabor’s critically acclaimed album ‘An Echo of Hooves’ back in 2002 and they have been recording together on various projects ever since.
“completely transcends the personal into another realm; - brilliant.” John Etheridge "you start to mist over and the inevitable warm tears begin to gently flow down your cheek. Gillie Nicholls is singing Unopen, a track from her new album. Maybe it’s the uniquely sensual voice - completely identifiable as Gillie's, maybe the heartbreakingly lovely tune, or maybe the glorious spare poetry that touches the heart of the matter; - most likely all of these together have moved you so.”
Ashley Hutchings Reviews. What it certainly is, is a brave, honest and emotionally piercing masterpiece and what it undeniably shows is that Gillie Nicholls is one of the finest interpretive singers in the UK.
Brian Hinton & Geoff Wall full review ______________ Acoustic Magazine Issue 48, Dec 2010-12-23 Gillie Nicholls is a Midlands songwriter and former Albion Band member. The ten tracks on her new album are presented as a conceptual journey from attraction to desire, from illusion to clarity, and the songs all hang together like a collection. They all compliment each other. The music is sparse yet evocative, paring away all unnecessary gloss and making thrifty yet effective use of pipe organ, bass, acoustic guitar, bouzouki and mandolin. The vocals are by turns delicate and sombre, and the lyrics powerful yet understated. Standout moments include the redemptive and curiously uplifting title track, the dreamlike brooding of Corner of a Line, and simply for its title, the marvellous Oo Ee Oo Ee Oo Ee Oo. Gareth Powel ______________ Images
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